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Survey Date - 9/14/2012

NOTE: Facilities are required to submit a Written Documentation of Corrections (WDOC) when a Statement of Deficiencies (SOD) with citations of rule violations is received. For each deficiency cited, the WDOC contains the name or position of the person responsible for ensuring that the deficiency is corrected, how the deficiency was corrected, the date the deficiency was or will be corrected, and what measures will be taken to ensure the deficiency will not be repeated. Copies of WDOCs are available to the public for review at the facility and at the Office of Child Care Licensing.

Findings Report Summary

Date CorrectedFindingsRule/StatuteTitle
05/07/2013Article 2R9-5-203.C.1.2.
05/07/2013article 3R9-5-301.B.3.
05/07/2013article 3R9-5-302.A.1-18.
05/07/2013article 3R9-5-304.B.1-9.
05/07/2013article 3R9-5-306.A.1.
05/07/2013article 4R9-5-402.A.1-12.
05/07/2013article 4R9-5-404.A.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-501.A.2.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-501.A.12
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-501.C.5.a-k.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-502.C.1.m.n.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-503.A.1.a.b.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-503.A.2.a-c.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-503.A.3.4.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-504.3.a-h.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-505. 1-8.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-506.3.a-g.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-509.C.22.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-512.B.1.2.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-512.C.1.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-512.C.2.a-c.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-512.F.8.
05/07/2013Article 5R9-5-514.C.4.
05/07/2013article 5R9-5-518.C.1-4.
05/07/2013Article 6R9-5-603.E.1.2.
05/07/2013Article 6R9-5-605.B.6.
05/07/2013Article 1ARS § 36-883.02.A.
05/07/2013Article 1ARS § 36-883.02.C.1-3.
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