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Residential Facilities Provider Type Definitions and Related Definitions

For the official definitions (including additional related definitions), please visit the Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona Administrative Code.

Adult Behavioral Health Therapeutic Home: means a residence for individuals who are at least eighteen years of age, have behavioral health issues and need behavioral health services that does all of the following for those individuals:
(a) Provides room and board.
(b) Assists in acquiring daily living skills.
(c) Coordinates transportation to scheduled appointments.
(d) Monitors behaviors.
(e) Assists in the self-administration of medication.
(f) Provides feedback to case managers related to behavior.

Adult Day Health Care Facility: means a facility that provides adult day health services during a portion of a continuous twenty-four-hour period for compensation on a regular basis for five or more adults who are not related to the proprietor.

Adult Foster Care Home: means a residential setting that provides room and board and adult foster care services for at least one and not more than four adults who are participants in the Arizona long-term care system pursuant to chapter 29, article 2 of this title or contracts for services with the United States department of veterans affairs and in which the sponsor or the manager resides with the residents and integrates the residents who are receiving adult foster care into that person's family.

Assisted Living Center: means an assisted living facility that provides resident rooms or residential units to eleven or more residents.

Assisted Living Facility: means a residential care institution, including an adult foster care home, that provides or contracts to provide supervisory care services, personal care services or directed care services on a continuous basis.

Assisted Living Home: means an assisted living facility that provides resident rooms to ten or fewer residents.

Adult Residential Care Institution: means a subclass of behavioral health residential facility that only admits residents 18 years of age and older and provides recidivism reduction services.

Behavioral Health Residential Facility: means a health care institution that provides treatment to an individual experiencing a behavioral health issue that:
a. Limits the individual’s ability to be independent, or
b. Causes the individual to require treatment to maintain or enhance independence.

Behavioral Health Respite Home: means a residence where respite care services, which may include assistance in the self-administration of medication, are provided to an individual based on the individual’s behavioral health issue and need for behavioral health services.

Behavioral Health Services: means services that pertain to mental health and substance use disorders and that are either:
(a) Performed by or under the supervision of a professional who is licensed pursuant to title 32 and whose scope of practice allows the professional to provide these services.
(b) Performed on behalf of patients by behavioral health staff as prescribed by rule.

Directed Care Services: means programs and services, including supervisory and personal care services, that are provided to persons who are incapable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance, expressing need or making basic care decisions.

Personal Care Services: means assistance with activities of daily living that can be performed by persons without professional skills or professional training and includes the coordination or provision of intermittent nursing services and the administration of medications and treatments by a nurse who is licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 15 or as otherwise provided by law.

Recidivism Reduction Services: means services that are delivered by an adult residential care institution to its residents to encourage lawful behavior and to discourage or prevent residents who are suspected of, charged with or convicted of one or more criminal offenses, or whose mental health and substance use can be reasonably expected to place them at risk for the future threat of prosecution, diversion or incarceration, from engaging in future unlawful behavior.

Respite Care Services: means services that are provided by a licensed health care institution to persons who are otherwise cared for in foster homes and in private homes to provide an interval of rest or relief of not more than thirty days to operators of foster homes or to family members.

Supervisory Care Services: means general supervision, including daily awareness of resident functioning and continuing needs, the ability to intervene in a crisis and assistance in self-administering prescribed medications.

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