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Division of Licensing Services

Office of Behavioral Health Licensing Definitions

Time Required:


Timeframes for processing all applications is 180 days. Timeframes for processing changes affecting a license is 90 days.


Processing a Statement of Deficiencies (SOD) resulting from a survey or complaint investigation may take up to 30 working days, after the end of the survey or conclusion of the complaint investigation.


Facilities have 14 calendar days following receipt of a Statement of Deficiencies to submit a written informal dispute resolution.

Surveys and Investigations:

Behavioral Health facilities are surveyed annually. Additional surveys may be required when a Behavioral Health Facility adds or changes services, capacities and/or changes ownership or for Title XIX service verification. A survey is conducted if, necessary, for the investigation of complaints alleging violations of rules or statutes. For more information see the Behavioral Health Licensing Web Site.

Plan of Corrections (POC):

Upon the Department's request, a provider has 10 working days to submit a written Plan of Corrections, which includes for each violation cited on the Statement of Deficiencies: how the deficiency is to be corrected, on both a temporary and permanent basis; the date the correction will be completed; the name, title, and/or position of the person responsible for implementing the corrective action; a description of the monitoring system that will be used to prevent the deficiency from recurring; and the signature and date of the approved plan of correction on the first page.

Facility Files:

The Behavioral Health Office in Phoenix maintains facility files available for review which includes copies of applications and supporting documents, licenses, inspection and complaint investigation reports, Statements of Deficiencies, Plans of Correction, and other public non-confidential information. These may be viewed at the office.

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