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Tips for Successful Searching

How to use DLS Search 


Type a word (or several words) into the query boxes; After selecting your search criteria, press the Start Search button (or the Enter key on your keyboard). DLS Search looks for locations that match ALL of the terms you have specified.
For example: if you enter Capri in the Name box and Phoenix in the City box, the DLS Search will look for locations with the word Capri in the name AND are located in Phoenix.

Hints for searching


If you have entered several words (e.g., Cook Health Care Center, and the search does not return the results you want, try typing just one or two of the words (e.g., Cook, and press Start Search.  
This technique also may help when searching for street addresses (try 1919 instead of 1919 W. Thomas).


The DLS Search is not case specific; it will match both upper-case and lower-case letters.  If you enter cook, DLS Search will match cook, Cook, and COOK.


If you are looking for locations in only one part of the Greater Phoenix area, try entering a three-digit zip code. To see addresses on the west side, use 853.  Entering 850 will provide mostly central Phoenix addresses, and 852 will give you east Valley locations. 


Avoid using common terms (e.g., health) which will match records you may not wish to see.


You do not have to fill in each query box in the search form. Enter the minimum information needed to locate a facility. (e.g., A key word for the name or city and just numbers for the street address)

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